Humidifier: How Do I Know That My Home May Be In Need Of One?

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Are you struggling with dry skin, irritated eyes, bloody noses, cracked lips, sore throat, or rheum (a.k.a morning eye gunk) when you wake up in the morning?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then a whole-house humidifier may be just what you need. “Low humidity levels throughout your home can affect the way you relax, your peace of mind, and have a negative effect on your overall health.”

This shouldn’t be the way you live, you should be at the highest level of comfort when in your own home. 

Fight these symptoms by installing a whole-house humidifier. A whole-house humidifier will help combat these uncomfortable symptoms and help make your house feel like home again. 

Major Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Humidifier

  1. Increase your overall Health. “Prevent Respiratory problems, decrease your likelihood of catching the flu or the common cold, and reduce your chances of getting an infection.”

  1. Sleep Quality Increases. Optimal humidity levels will help prevent restless nights by decreasing the frequency that you are woken up by a sore throat, coughing, or sneezing caused by dry air. 

  1. Increase personal comfort. Avoid the unnecessary discomfort of dry skin, irritated eyes, bloody noses, cracked lips, or sore throat caused by dry air. 

  1. Preserve your home. The right humidity levels in your home can help prevent the paint from chipping, the walls from warping, and cracks in the woodwork. The wood floors, doors, picture frames, etc. Optimal humidity levels help to preserve the value of your home.

How Do I Know Which Model Is Best For Me?

With various models offered, it’s very difficult to distinguish between the right match for your home. With Aprilaire, each model varies in the square footage that it covers in the home while also depending on the space available for the installation process. Listed below are 2 commonly installed Aprilaire models.

Aprilaire Model 500: “Bypass humidifiers offer high efficiency, simple design, and minimal maintenance.” This model can be installed with a manual or automatic control option. For further questions, call us at (847) 744-8099.