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Heater Installation in Northbrook

Installing Dependable Heating Systems in Chicagoland 

Since the state of Illinois can be extremely cold during the winter, everyone who owns a house or business must be sure to invest in an efficient heater. Our technicians at Duct Professor Heating & Cooling are devoted to helping you ensure the comfort of your whole household. When you need a heater installation in Northbrook and the surrounding areas, we can even provide you with a 5-year warranty for any labor performed.

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Determining a Heater’s Efficiency Rating

Furnaces are one of the most popular forms of heater systems in Chicagoland. However, it is important to figure out the efficiency level of the furnace before buying a new system. All furnaces must vent gases to prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating. During this ventilation process, some heat will escape. Heaters with higher Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency levels (known as AFUE) are better at stopping heat from constantly leaving the home. Finding the appropriate model with an adequate AFUE rating is much simpler when you have an expert by your side, so give us a call today.

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Preparing for a New Heater

Before a new heater can be installed several distinct components must be prepared, or the system will not work well. An experienced HVAC contractor will make the proper checks and connections of the ductwork. They will also make sure that all the necessary electrical wires and gas lines have been placed appropriately to connect with the new unit.

A thorough preparation process for a heater installation includes:

  • Conducting a complete load calculation – To figure out how powerful the new heating system must be professional HVAC technicians must consider several factors. 
  • Examining any current ductwork – If a duct system is already present, it needs to be checked that its size is fully capable of fitting with the new unit’s airflow. Heater specialists will check both the supply that goes to the air ducts as well as the flow that returns to the blower motor. 
  • Adding required pipes or liners – Certain furnaces need additional parts before they can begin heating the property. A knowledgeable technician will install a new PVC drain line or a liner for the chimney flue if it is required by the specific type of selected heater.
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Heating Methods Alternative to Furnaces

Even though gas furnaces are very common among people in Northbrook, they only provide one method of heating. Depending on your home’s layout and availability of fuel supply, you might benefit from a different system. A knowledgeable HVAC specialist will explain the pros and cons of unique forms of heaters.

The four main heating choices that homeowners in Northbrook make are:

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Electric Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Heat Pumps

Generally, furnace and boiler systems are best for warmer climates, whereas a heat pump system is suitable in almost any environment.

Differences Between a Furnace and a Boiler

A furnace blows hot air through ducts while a boiler heats up water that circulates through pipes to provide warmth in your home. It may be easy to confuse a furnace and a boiler when looking at them, but they're actually quite different. Boilers can prove more efficient than a standard furnace thanks to not requiring as much energy for warm-up. Furnaces can be the more cost-effective option, however. And since furnaces are smaller, they tend to be more suitable for smaller homes.

Differences Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace

Heat pumps are powered by electricity and move warm air around your home by compressing refrigerant. While they require more energy to begin operation, they’re far more efficient long-term than furnace and boiler systems. They aren’t very powerful for particularly cold days or nights, so many people opt to pair them with a furnace for full coverage.

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