Winter Warmth: Tips for a Cozier Chicago Home


Chicago winters can be brutal, but with a few simple tricks, you can keep your home snug and comfortable all season long:

  • Seal Drafts: Weatherstrip doors and windows to keep cold air out and warmth in.
  • Check Insulation: Proper insulation in walls and attics keeps heat where it belongs and saves energy.
  • Schedule Maintenance: Ensure your heating system is ready for the cold by scheduling a tune-up with Duct Professor.
  • Use Ceiling Fans: Switch fans to a clockwise rotation on low to circulate warm air.
  • Layer Up: Add blankets, rugs, and curtains for warmth and texture.
  • Consider Humidification: Combat dry winter air with a humidifier for improved comfort.
  • Clean Ducts: Ensure efficient heating by scheduling a professional duct cleaning.

Stay cozy, Chicago! More tips coming soon from Duct Professor Heating and Cooling.