Air Conditioning and How Does It Work

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Air Conditioning and how does it work

Air Conditioning constantly affects us, it affects our mood, our productivity, our health, and many other aspects of our life. But how does it actually work? And what can we do to increase our comfort even more? 

Before we find out how Air Conditioning works, let’s figure out what it is

Air conditioning -is a system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building or vehicle, typically to maintain a cool atmosphere in warm conditions according to Google. According to google air conditioning has to do with the Humidity of the air, ventilation or airflow, and temperature control. All of those things work in harmony together. We know that in tropical climates air is very humid and hot, and we know that in northern climates air is a lot cooler and drier. So the more humid it is in our home the better? No, a lot of humidity at home could be very destructive, it can cause mold to grow, bad odors, or damage to paint. That’s when ventilation and airflow come into play. Good airflow allows us to circulate conditioned and humid air around the house at a set temperature preventing any damage or excessive humidity. Modern thermostats allow you to adjust humidity at home      

    In its most basic description, the air conditioning process involves two actions that occur simultaneously, one inside the home and one outside the home.

  1. Inside the home, warm indoor air is cooled as it blows across a cold cooling coil full of refrigerant. The heat from indoor air is absorbed into the refrigerant as the refrigerant turns from liquid to gas. The cooled air is distributed back to the house.

  2. Outside the home, the refrigerant gas is compressed before entering a large coil in the outdoor unit. Heat is released outside as the refrigerant turns back to a liquid and a large fan pulls outdoor air through the outdoor coil rejecting the heat absorbed from the house.

The result is a continuous cycle of heat and humidity being removed from indoor air, cool air returning to the home, and heat and humidity exiting the home.

    This continuous cycle allows air to stay relatively humid, as well as gives us full control over the system to make our living space fit our needs perfectly, it is crucial to have filters replaced every 2 months as well as have duct cleaning done every 3-4 years. This will give the unit its required airflow, as well as regularly filter out dust and debris from circulation. Regular maintenance like that will give you the most efficiency out of the system and prolong its life span.