How Often Should I Change my A/C Filter and How?


With everyday life being bombarding, the last thing on your mind is replacing your A/C filter. The air filter is commonly disregarded by many, as it is not deemed important in most situations. Neglecting to change your filter can also mean you are allowing dust and debris to enter your HVAC system. A clear sign that you need to replace your home’s filter is when you begin to notice that your A/C is blowing out warm air. Technicians recommend you constantly change your filter to avoid your system from overworking itself. Delaying the change of your filter could potentially lead to more frequent maintenance repairs and will ultimately shorten the lifespan of your unit. 

Most filters are at a low cost when they are in need of constant replacement, but just like any other product, there is a variety of filters to choose from. Some filters only require you to change them a few times a year but this could be a more expensive filter. Depending on your preference in maintenance and on your family’s needs, we still recommend you check on your filter constantly to avoid issues. If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies it is typically recommended that you change your filters every 45 days for max effectiveness. For regular homes, depending on the filter you have, it is recommended you change the filter every 90 days. 

How To Change Your Filter

Changing your A/C filter is usually a quick and easy process in which one can complete on their own. We recommend using a mask and gloves, to avoid dust and debris from getting on you. 

The first step to changing your filter is making sure you have the correct size filter for your system. The filter size is usually printed on the side of the old filter and you just need to visit your closest home improvement store to find the matching size. A permanent filter that is reusable is commonly made of sturdy material with a metal frame and coating which makes it easier to clean. A disposable filter is made out of a cardboard frame and paper fiber mesh. The steps below will walk you thoroughly through the process of changing your filter.


Turning your power off is an important step when changing your filter because it can prevent you from touching a live voltage or getting dust and debris clogged into your system. It is important that you switch the power of your unit off and the circuit breaker as well. 


When removing the filter, simply slide it out gently from the slot it is in. Once you have removed the filter, depending on the filter you are using, if it is full of dust and debris you are able to dispose of it. If it is a reusable filter, you can begin cleaning it if you believe it is still serviceable. 


To correctly insert the filter, you must assure that the arrows on the frame of the filter are pointing in the correct direction. The filter itself should be directing you towards where the airflow is at and away from the return duct.


Once the filter is all in, go ahead and turn on your entire system to assure it runs smoothly. We recommend that you also set a reminder for the next estimated time you should check on your filter to make sure that it is being maintained properly.