Is It Time For A New A/C Unit?


When it comes to your HVAC systems, it is common for many to disregard their units; especially when it is displaying signs that it needs to be replaced. Although you may believe that your unit can still withstand a few more years, there comes a time when your A/C unit reaches a point in which it makes sense to just replace your unit rather than investing more money in the old unit trying to repair it.

       A/C units are usually one of the most costly expenses a homeowner has, so it is always good to notice these signs before they malfunction on a hot summer day. Noticing these few signs can potentially save you from having an unexpected breakdown of your system and could help you prepare for a situation like this. 

  1. Age of your unit

One of the most common signs that it is time for you to start looking into replacing your current unit is when it starts hitting the age mark of ten to fifteen years old. An old unit could be the reason as to why your system is producing poor air quality and uneven cooling in your home regardless of the many repairs your system has endured.

  1. Airflow 

Another common reason is no matter how many repairs your unit has received, it is not fixing the overall problems occurring with your system. The quality of air being distributed in your ventilation system could be smelling odd – like an overheating motor that is pushed above its capabilities at an old age, as well as noticing that the temperature blowing from your vents is not in accordance with your thermostat and isn’t blowing strong enough. 

  1. Odd Noises

Hearing noises in your system could be a white flag that your system is ready to give up on you soon. Making sure you’re not just overlooking the noises and noticing the slightest noise, you should contact your nearest HVAC company because it can be a bigger issue that if left unhandled could become a more expensive repair or even cause you to need a new unit altogether. 

  1. Leakage

Finding your unit with a huge amount of water around your system could become a bigger problem. A bit of condensation around your unit is normal, but seeing an excessive amount could not only ruin your system but ruin the floors and walls which can then result in mold. Leaking coolant and mold could eventually lead to health risks that can potentially become a health risk for you and your family and is advised to seek for a technician as soon as possible. 

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