Why should I get a whole-house humidifier?


Do I need a whole-home humidifier? The short answer is yes. 

Well then, why do I need a whole-home humidifier?

  1. Health benefits

    1. Provide moisture to your lips and skin- The air that is heated by your furnace becomes dry due to the heating process. The last thing that you want is dry skin and chapped lips. The humidifier will moisturize the air heated by your furnace putting an end to dry skin and chapped lips.

    2. Dry air = dry itchy throat – Moisturizing the air will prevent this discomfort

    3. Reduce snoring – Dry air causes your throat to swell and your nose to become congested which contributes to snoring. 

  1. Other Benefits

    1. Warm your home – Humidity actually helps keep temperatures more comfortable without putting an extra strain on your heater.

    2. House plants need moisture and have a better chance of surviving the winter with a whole-home humidifier.

    3. Protect your furniture, floors, and other wooden elements – When wood gets dry it has a tendency to become brittle and crack. Moisturizing the air will preserve the wooden elements in your home from these types of issues.

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